Purchasing or Selling a Home

Purchasing or Selling a Home

We want to be put to work for you – and we can help with purchasing or selling a home. But, please keep in mind the information you obtain here is not legal advice. It’s a first step to letting us help. No catchy taglines, just hard work.  Your real estate file will receive personalized attention, from a WPH partner, without exception.

Purchasing a property is often the biggest purchase people will ever make. Selling a property, like purchasing, can be stressful, whether you have lived in it for a short time and are moving to something larger, or perhaps downsizing. Whether you are purchasing or selling, it is important that a lawyer acts on your behalf. Let us take care of the transaction. We are here to help guide you through the process of purchasing or selling, and to protect your interests at every step.

With respect to a purchase, normally, we will ensure title to the property is searched, and will review it to see the title you are receiving is satisfactory. For the most part, this means ensuring that the seller has the right to sell the property and ensuring that there are no mortgages or liens against the property. If there are problems with the title, we can discuss ways to address them. We will also let you know any other issues before closing (e.g.; a boundary problem such as a fence being off a property line) and take your instructions to rectify them. We may also prepare and review mortgage documents for your signature. Overall, we will attend to the closing of the transaction, ultimately register the necessary documents, and provide you with a final report.

With respect to a sale, we will do things including but not limited to:  draft the deed which legally transfers the property from you to the purchaser, oversee the execution of all the necessary documents, ensure payout of an existing mortgage, and make sure any realtor commission is allotted.

You should contact us as soon as the agreement of purchase and sale (the contract between the buyer and seller which sets out the terms of the transfer of property) has been executed by all parties. We can then arrange to get the matter in motion with a view to closing the transaction on the agreed closing date.

In the event you do not have a realtor then you may find yourself (on either a purchase or a sale) trying to create your own agreement of purchase and sale. In that event, it may be wise to have your lawyer assist with drafting or reviewing the agreement before signing.

You can always reach out to us with questions, as the better informed you are the easier the purchasing or selling process will be.