Accident Quick Guide

Been in an accident? Here is what you need to know and do…

We want to be put to work for you – and we can help with this accident quick guide. But, please keep in mind the information you obtain here is not legal advice. It’s a first step to letting us help. No catchy taglines, just hard work. Your matter will receive personalized attention, from a WPH partner, without exception.

We have successfully represented injury victims who have suffered brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, and many other work and life-limiting impairments, such as the loss of full use of a hand. We understand the damaging impact one person’s negligence can have on the life of another.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, then it’s wise to contact a lawyer to understand your rights. The laws relating to accidents and potential compensation, where that compensation might come from, and liability, can be complex and are always evolving. A key step is to contact us. We will make sure you are fully informed.

People often want to know how long it will take for an injury claim to be resolved. Litigation is unpredictable. Some cases can be resolved in months, other cases can take years. Each case must be evaluated based on the individual circumstances and is usually guided by the nature and extent of the person’s injuries, as well as the time it takes to recover. We make sure you know all the facts and your options.

Keep in mind that in Newfoundland and Labrador there are statutory limitation periods. Put plainly, claims for injuries have a time limitation by which a formal lawsuit must be initiated in our Supreme Court. If an injured person who would normally have a right to compensation fails to file the proper documents with the Court they will most likely lose their right to proceed with the claim. This time period is usually 2 years from the date of the accident. In addition, recent changes to applicable legislation in Newfoundland and Labrador make it mandatory for a party injured in a motor vehicle accident to file written notice of an intention to sue, within 120 days of the accident.

With all that said, here are some “Accident Quick Guide” steps to follow:

  1. If you have been injured, seek medical attention, and make sure to follow the advice of the medical practitioner(s) you see. Treatment and recovery should be the number 1 priority;
  2. Make sure you have recorded all pertinent information in relation to the accident (phone numbers, addresses, and names of all involved; date and time of the accident; vehicle and insurance particulars in the case of a motor vehicle accident);
  3. Contact the RNC (or RCMP if you are outside of RNC jurisdiction) to report the accident;
  4. In the case of a motor vehicle accident, notify your insurance company. You may also want to speak with your insurer about opening an “S.B”, i.e.; accident benefits claim (optional coverage under an automobile insurance policy which you may have that provides funds for medical treatments as well as other expenses in certain circumstances);
  5. Contact us to better understand your rights and obligations. Our first meeting will take place at no cost to you. We will help you fully understand what needs to be done.