The names you need to know.

Andrew, Chris and John.
Having worked in and for insurance companies for years, Andrew, Chris and John knew very well the system wasn’t created with only a client’s best interests in mind. With a friendship rooted in justice, they had come to share a dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Wadden Peddigrew Hogan.
By combining their knowledge and experience, a bold idea to deliver protection and compensation in a way that no other team could allowed them to cut bureaucracy and minimize the associated costs, so clients could finally get what they really need; approachable and personalized advice, from partners you could contact directly.

Trust your Injury
The impact of an accident on your body, mind, and finances could last a lifetime. Whether it’s a complicated legal issue, dealings with insurance companies, or planning for life after; Andrew, Chris, and John offer protection and compensation in the face of intimidation and trauma.

Work it Out
If you’re running a business, or you’re feeling insecure about your rights as an employee, expertise in improving the relationships between employers, employees, and unions, is critical. Andrew, Chris, and John will ensure your professional future; helping you resolve any complicated, time-consuming, employment matter.

Make It Home
No matter the property, from residential to commercial, there are big decisions involved. If you’re buying your first home, building a real estate empire, or planning for retirement, Andrew, Chris, and John have a history of protecting your investment.

Protection and Compensation
With years of injury, employment and real estate experience – on both sides – working with Andrew, Chris and John means first-hand relationship with front-line lawyers; access to specialized knowledge; peace of mind and trusted results; the protection and compensation you deserve.